Friday Fictioneers – From the Mountaintops

© Dee Lovering
© Dee Lovering

I’ll tell you an inconvenient truth- the sun has always been expanding.  It’s a star; it grows until it explodes.  It was just sitting up there the whole time, like a big stupid time bomb.  Tick tock! Tick tock!

No one knew what it meant at first, but they quickly found out with the rising water and scorching heat.  Some herded to the mountaintops to avoid drowning, but they’ll melt sooner.  Others went ahead and took the dive.  But most people herded like sheep to the middle ground, quickly running out of food and fresh water.

Go ahead and start eating each other, stupid idiots! Ya’ll will be soup soon anyway!


11 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – From the Mountaintops”

    1. Yeah, it is a bit obscure. I just saw water at city level (easy flooding), then coupled that with a large group of people. But I’m glad you still liked it!


  1. Ah, another apocalyptic tale – this one significantly wetter than mine 🙂 I liked your narrator’s voice here – its arrogant and cynical, almost bitter in its tone, an interesting viewpoint on the end of the world. “Do what you like you fools, its all a waste of time” – dark.

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    1. Thank you very much! I just read your story (sorry it took so long. Busy with college finals) and I don’t think mine is better. But I think everyone is their harshest judge. I think these kind of situations bring out the extremes – the best and worst in people. It’s why we find apocalyptic stories so interesting.

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