Life Force (Qi) and Its Key to Happiness

There is a common misconception that must be put to rest.  Since the development of the modern New Age movement, the mentally-stable did their best to syphon these “New Agers” to California in hopes the state would break off from the rest of the country before causing any cultural harm.  Unfortunately, California hugged on with an ectoplasmic grasp, superimposing their “élan vital” onto our realism.  Because of this catastrophic phenomenon, our “life forces” have incorporated unwelcomed terms into our vernacular, such as “Qi”, “Feng Shui”, and “spiritual energy”.  As preventative as I can be in protecting my patois, I have still managed to acquire the minimal meaning to such modernisms (modern at least in terms of American culture).

The first main problem is the physical complication.

As therapeutic it may seem to devour exotic plants and stab small pins into your back, the placebo effect is far less effective than proven medical practices.

The second main problem is the mental complication.

Sure, meditation and stress management are great skills, but emotional (not physical) energy is a detrimental hoax.

Happiness is not an energy- it CAN be created and it CAN be destroyed.

In order for me to be happy, I must create happiness.

In order for my happiness to not be destroyed- leave me alone.


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