© Santoshwriter
© Santoshwriter

Rain droplet’s sing in the rain

Our primary source of life

Freely falling from the skies

A gift of sustenance from above

Given to us out of love

Pure tears for lost souls

No salt for passing ones

Wet mildew the angels cry for us?

They cry for each one

The born

The born-again

The sinners

The saints

Tears of joy

Tears of pain

Rainfall down, everyone does

To their knees

For worship

For hopelessness

The ground is our home

And our plants catch the tears

Showere you giving up?


The hands that wipe away sadness

Are nailed down still, but

Monsoon they will rise

To wipe each one away


18 thoughts on “Raindrops”

    1. I was unsure how to format it without it being distracting, while also making the reader notice the transition of the word/s. I figured just the basic font variations of bold and italic would be fine. But I guess they could be distracting.


    1. Thank you! I do not write much poetry, but I think sculpting it, in whatever method, is what makes it fun! Although, sometimes it doesn’t work. (Sorry for the late response!)


    1. Thank you! Yeah, I did want the reader to pause on those lines not only for clarity, but also to slow down a bit between every few lines. It also helps to distinguish the change between the two words. (Sorry for the late response!)

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