Friday Fictioneers – Sign of Success

Before my story, I just wanted to apologize for not being around as much (writing, reading others, commenting, etc).  Just got a new job and started summer classes!  Things have been a little hectic!  I’ll be around more when things settle down.  Thanks for everyone who keeps coming by anyway!

© Kent Bonham
© Kent Bonham

It wasn’t luck.

He had spent too many years needled to a hospital bed in debilitating pain; he had spewed too many piles of puke; he had swallowed too many pain pills for it to be luck.

He had spent too many years fighting; he had spent too much time honing his craft; he had spent too many resources in blind hope for it to be luck.

It wasn’t definitive.

It wasn’t complimentary.

It wasn’t devised.

It was a sign.  A sign that didn’t tell him he’d be rich, or appreciated, or loved, but a sign that he would be successful in what mattered.


15 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Sign of Success”

  1. He’s a true fighter who’s learned what counts. The repetition and mirroring of his trials is very powerful. In a way he’s lucky though, he’s found his true purpose in life. Great take on the prompt, and good luck to you in your new job. I totally understand about the not being able to read and commenting thing. Don’t worry, but keep writing. 🙂

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          1. Well, think about this…when your health is bad, life isn’t quite so charming and death may not seem like such a bad thing. Often, people who have been suffering a long time embrace death. It’s hard for young, healthy people to comprehend that notion, but (as someone who is a bit older and has a chronic condition), I am not afraid to die. I’m not going to hasten anything! Just not fearing it either…

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            1. Yes, that is a common notion among the older who are suffering. I hope you are finding some solace with your condition. As a younger person who also has a chronic condition, I would have to guess death has been on my mind a lot more than others my age, at least the healthy ones. But to be honest, I’m still scared to death of it. I guess that’s natural, but I think I’ve been closer to it than most people my age have. Eh, fear is good motivation. As is love. I try to combine both of those in most of my writing.


  2. Dear Jorbi,

    I’ll add my voice here. Apparently he’s a fighter and a hard worker. I’d love to know what he’s achieved. This would make a good introduction to a larger work I think.

    Sounds like you have a busy summer ahead.



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