Sunday Photo Fiction – Bridgette

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© A Mixed Bag 2009
© A Mixed Bag 2009

Bridgette, you’ve done so well to get this far.  You’ve been driven down by so many people walking all over you.  I know you’ve cried rivers that could challenge the strongest levee- dam.  But you still look so pretty.

Bridgette, I know you feel bipolar.  You’ve always felt so divided.  I know you feel like two different people.  But you’re connected to both sides- they’re both you.

Bridgette, you’re not being used.  You’re not just an unappreciated tool.  You have to understand that you’re helping people.

Bridgette, all this success has been eight years in the making.  You’ve really been making big strides to normalcy.  But you’ve got to open up to me.


9 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – Bridgette”

        1. I just think that the author’s job is to convey a meaning. So the author is either good or bad at that. It’s not the reader’s fault they took away a different meaning that what was intended. \:

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            1. Definitely. There can be many layers to a piece. Or it can just be relevant to many other situations. The variability of a single piece is one of my favorite things about art.

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  1. Very intriguing indeed and poetically written.
    Opening up can be a scary thing to do, especially seeing as though it leads to vulnerability.

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