Friday Fictioneers – We Were Just Children

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll   Sitting behind me, as fate would have it, as you drag your finger across my back, I know it’s you.  The faintest touch of a dizzily dragging finger that makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck like you knew it would.  But we wereContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – We Were Just Children”

Chop Chop!

The date at 6.  The clock at 5.  Everyone waiting for me to arrive like festivities barred behind brittle little braces and I’m the Straw that breaks its back.  I want to be there.  I want more time with you all.  But painful is the prodding that produces this person to patiently mosey around fromContinue reading “Chop Chop!”

Love Letter

You’re the gravity, That gives these words weight. Without you, it’s just a blank slate.   You’re the word I can’t stop repeating, Until it loses all meaning, But I can’t stop from singing.   You’re the body I hold under the sheet, Because when our brains turn off, Our hearts still beat.   You’reContinue reading “Love Letter”

Jaded Diamond

It’s been three years since they said it would be over in three months. It’s been three years since I wasn’t warned to bear the brunt. It’s been three years since I couldn’t munch-crunch on brunch- Only ever wanting to confront the bunched up grunts with a punch, And a punt in their scrunched upContinue reading “Jaded Diamond”

Sunday Photo Fiction – Behind Closed Doors

Walking down 3rd Street, passing across Washington, we phase through ethereal fog. We can taste the smog, the ‘city-water’ sitting water splashing under endless tires, me and my daughter. The aftertaste of old pennies and nickels permeates my palate. I can almost taste the tableau of top brass, Thomas Jefferson, under the steel skyscrapers. TheContinue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction – Behind Closed Doors”

Friday Fictioneers – Rainy Nights

It’s been a while…. I tagged you first as the rain fell.  You chased me through the umbrella-d drones: scared of shorting their circuitry.  The rain fell on us. I looked back at you when you stopped smiling to blow the wet hair off your face.  I didn’t notice wet socks in new shoes whileContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – Rainy Nights”

Mondays Finish the Story – Devil’s Abode

“The cemetery spread along the area known as Devil’s Abode.” It’s where they used to bury the inmates that spent their life in prison or were sentenced to the chair.  The townsfolk didn’t want their ‘untainted’ souls mixed with the stained ones, so they plotted out another graveyard.  They don’t bury anyone in the Devil’sContinue reading “Mondays Finish the Story – Devil’s Abode”

Love Letters from a Teenage Manic Depressive

Sometimes I stare.  But I just can’t help myself from looking at the back of that pretty head.  And those slender arms that come to a gentle rest in front of her, dainty fingers drumming away at an invisible tune of a popular song I’ve never heard of.  She’s perfect.  Her brown hair, her turquoiseContinue reading “Love Letters from a Teenage Manic Depressive”

Friday Fictioneers – Lies Forevermore

Am I to believe all these circumstances? Have I been bred to be so naïve?

Sometimes it feels like platforms are fall into the path of my steps, and I get to where I’m supposed to be. This calculated fate designed for destiny; premeditated not by me. Do they think that I don’t see just because I’ve always been here- that my sheltering would leave me transfixed?

To hear all my life the beauty of the painted skies, but when I finally reached out for them, my knuckles resounded a knock!

I beseech you the truth. Lies forevermore, nevermore.

Mondays Finish the Story – Material Things

I see absolutely everything. Soaring on the heights of wings. Discerning which of the ants down there Are supposed to be the queen and king.   I may be deemed ethereal, But definitely not imperial. That’s what they have over me- Their things are material.   I wish I could give you all the world,Continue reading “Mondays Finish the Story – Material Things”