Friday Fictioneers – Rainy Nights

It’s been a while…. I tagged you first as the rain fell.  You chased me through the umbrella-d drones: scared of shorting their circuitry.  The rain fell on us. I looked back at you when you stopped smiling to blow the wet hair off your face.  I didn’t notice wet socks in new shoes whileContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – Rainy Nights”

Mondays Finish the Story – Devil’s Abode

“The cemetery spread along the area known as Devil’s Abode.” It’s where they used to bury the inmates that spent their life in prison or were sentenced to the chair.  The townsfolk didn’t want their ‘untainted’ souls mixed with the stained ones, so they plotted out another graveyard.  They don’t bury anyone in the Devil’sContinue reading “Mondays Finish the Story – Devil’s Abode”

Mondays Finish the Story – Material Things

I see absolutely everything. Soaring on the heights of wings. Discerning which of the ants down there Are supposed to be the queen and king.   I may be deemed ethereal, But definitely not imperial. That’s what they have over me- Their things are material.   I wish I could give you all the world,Continue reading “Mondays Finish the Story – Material Things”

Sunday Photo Fiction – Raft, No Reaps

I can see it from the dock; those golden sails that dim moonlight in their transparency.  The flapping softboxes light the deck, now a scenic set, for the maritime music to slip through the air like a celestial whisper.  The music drives closer as I see my intended passengers- those lost souls that seek guidance. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction – Raft, No Reaps”

FFfAW – I’m Melting!

It’s starting.  I can feel like heels sticking: no way for me to tap them home.  My stomach is empty, but I can feel it expanding.  I hate bloating.  Ugh, I can’t swallow.  I can’t even open my mouth.  My lips are sticking!  I can’t split them with my tongue.  I just keep pushing, andContinue reading “FFfAW – I’m Melting!”

Sunday Photo Fiction – Bridgette

Check out others here. Bridgette, you’ve done so well to get this far.  You’ve been driven down by so many people walking all over you.  I know you’ve cried rivers that could challenge the strongest levee- dam.  But you still look so pretty. Bridgette, I know you feel bipolar.  You’ve always felt so divided.  IContinue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction – Bridgette”

Friday Fictioneers – Light at the End

Every time you feel that tenseness in your chest. Every time you feel that sudden dizziness. Every time you pass a semi. Every time you cross a bridge. Every time you take the stairs. Every time you take the elevator. Every time you look out the fifth floor window. It could break.  It could snap. Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers – Light at the End”

Friday Fictioneers – Hand Shake

A hand outstretched, in hopes of partnership to rebuild the lost: from a dissed utopia to a dystopia.  Annexation of their civilization was just conservation.  No one can make it alone anymore.  Not him.  Not them.  But together, their survivability increased exponentially. But his hand shook. He was nervous.  No, he was thirsty.  He wasContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – Hand Shake”

Mondays Finish the Story – Town Funds

“The Mayor and the town manager waved as their next victim approached.” The methodology was simple; two people, every year, must die.  One year it would be two lower-class victims.  The next year, one middle-class or rich and one poor.  Then back to two poor.  The cycle continues.  The poor victims served as scapegoats; onlyContinue reading “Mondays Finish the Story – Town Funds”