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Love is as Tangible as Fire

Love is as tangible as fire: it is also just as warm.  Burns by such heat leave eternal scars not only on the object that is burning, but also what is burnt.  Such fire spreads so that now the two once-connected objects are irreversibly blemished.  No matter how low the heat may dwindle, our scars show through in the most concealed of times, revealing the memories of our branded past.  But said-scars fade (not forgotten, but rather subsided) until a spark renews the flame of long-since past: memories of joy, memories of fun, memories of love: once sweltering and now tepid.  – A remembrance of our scarred past, not beaten into us by force, but burnt into us by will.  Scars by memories: as tangible as fire, and just as warm.  I will not hide these wounds; I will tear them open and create new ones.