Chop Chop!

The date at 6.  The clock at 5.  Everyone waiting for me to arrive like festivities barred behind brittle little braces and I’m the Straw that breaks its back.  I want to be there.  I want more time with you all.  But painful is the prodding that produces this person to patiently mosey around fromContinue reading “Chop Chop!”

Love Letter

You’re the gravity, That gives these words weight. Without you, it’s just a blank slate.   You’re the word I can’t stop repeating, Until it loses all meaning, But I can’t stop from singing.   You’re the body I hold under the sheet, Because when our brains turn off, Our hearts still beat.   You’reContinue reading “Love Letter”

Mommy Under the Bed

Copied from my post on nosleep.   Another night of overtime.  This paycheck better be worth it.  It better be worth not seeing my wife, my kid, my home… my TV. I got home late again.  I try to turn the key and knob so it doesn’t make any noise.  I can feel the deadbolt clunkContinue reading “Mommy Under the Bed”

Mondays Finish the Story – Miners Hill

Check out the others here. “The only residents remaining in the small town of Miners Hill are spirits.” The mine collapse killed several bodies, and the living ones left with their broken families from the broken economy.  Without the mine, they didn’t have money to rescue the workers, and Miners Hill became a ghost town.Continue reading “Mondays Finish the Story – Miners Hill”

Sunday Photo Fiction – Anchors Aweigh

Joining another community with familiar faces.  Hope I’m not being intrusive at this point!  Check out others here! Another sleepless night after seeing so many fall asleep for eternity.  Not enough Trazodone, melatonin, and alcohol in the world can turn my waking mind off.  The door is locked, the curtains closed, the fan on, andContinue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction – Anchors Aweigh”

Mondays Finish the Story – Angel Flame

Link to Mondays Finish the Story.  Check out the others- it’s a great community of talented writers. “The crew of the Angel Flame received orders to head out.” Five men, two pilots, two divers, and the captain, pack into the DSRV (Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle) in search for valuable wreckage, bodies, and, God-willing, survivors.  TheContinue reading “Mondays Finish the Story – Angel Flame”

Friday Fictioneers – Howlers

Now the Wilsons lived out ‘n the middle of nowhere- ain’t no neighbor for a good 20 miles!  They owned a good chunk of farmland and the rest, well I guess the state never thought they needed it. John was tellin’ me that they had a field blocked with a barbed fence at the edgeContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – Howlers”

Friday Fictioneers – White Out

It’s not the dark that scares me.   The night conceals the dastardly deeds of heartless men, but they do not scare me.   The surroundings dim and furniture fades.  There’s no longer the daily distractions.  No one but the nurses to keep me company, but loneliness is not what scares me.   The ghastly ghoulsContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – White Out”

Friday Fictioneers – Burnt

It’s amazing how much can change so quickly. One minute it’s there, the next – Poof!  Into smoke and ash. Everything is flammable with enough lighter fluid. People take so much for granted. Consumerism has caused more deaths, more wars than any fire has. I’ll teach people not to choose a new TV over anContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – Burnt”

Twisted Tuesday – Hieroglyphs

Trying out a writing exercise.  Might do this every week or so.  So, the basic idea is to start with a general statement or phrase; something relatively short and simple.  Then you do your best to make it into a written puzzle.  You’ll see what I mean.  In the future, I may not show allContinue reading “Twisted Tuesday – Hieroglyphs”